The Danger of Rick Warren’s Daniel “Healthcare” Plan

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Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. (1 John 4:1)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

3-Legged “Health” Care

The Agenda of Rick Warren’s “Daniel Plan
“The hope for real social transformation need not rest on circumstantial evidence. One major arena, health care, has already begun to experience wrenching change. The impending transformation of medicine is a window to the transformation of all our institutions….

“The autonomy so evident in social movements is hitting the old assumptions of medicine hard. The search for self becomes a search for health, for wholeness.

“No one has realized how vulnerable the old medical model was. Within a few short years, without a shot’s being fired, the concept of holistic health has been legitimized….”

For many Aquarian Conspirators, an involvement in health care was a major stimulus to transformation.
– Marilyn Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy, 1980.[1]

 “But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat, nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself.”
(Daniel 1:8)
When Rick Warren launched his Daniel Plan prescription for health several weeks ago as a massive campaign to alter the health of evangelicals in American, many discerning saints expressed shock and dismay at his open association with New Age doctors. While this fact is upsetting, there are equally disturbing issues about Warren’s Daniel Plan that cannot be ignored.

With Rick Warren at the helm, the CHURCH is now in the BUSINESS of health care REFORM. This is the 3-legged stool. It is the integration of church/state/corporate that business guru Peter Drucker (Rick Warren’s mentor) proposed as the method for restructuring Society.[2] In this model the Church assumes a powerful new role as Change Agent Provocateur, a cheerleader for change and transformation in Society (as illustrated in the diagram at the top of this post*).

The Blueprint for Health Care Reform
The pivotal book that officially launched the New Age movement was Marilyn Ferguson’s The Aquarian Conspiracy, published in 1980. This book was “an important New Age manifesto [that] attempt[ed] to announce and popularize what the New Agers chose to publicly display in their Movement.”[3] The book set forth futuristic thinking that has become so commonplace in our culture that an entire generation has grown up believing its basic assumptions. One of the key topics in this book was Ferguson’s assertion that the radical overhaul of society could be based upon health care “reform” — a “transformation” explained in the chapter “Healing Ourselves.” Ferguson wrote:

“The new paradigm of health and medicine enlarges the framework of the old, incorporating brilliant technological advances while restoring and validating intuitions about mind and relationships.”(p. 247)

Ferguson’s New Age “holistic” health care model included “Bodymind perspective,”(p. 247) the exploration of the role played by the brain in the body’s overall health. Ferguson’s expanded definition of the “mind” incorporated spiritual things from the occult world. This broadened “holistic” health model, with its “body-mind-spirit” connection(p. 248), proved to be a key entry point for new theologies, philosophies and practices. Holistic health became the the easiest vehicle with which to deceive an entire population into adopting tenets of the eastern mystical worldview.[4]

Ferguson proposed a vast array of consciousness-expanding rituals that promised “body-mind-spirit” healing — including “meditation, biofeedback, relaxation techniques, autogenic training, running, listening to music.”(p. 251) Ferguson touted research stating that “‘The yogis have learned to let go of those excess levels of self-stressing neurophysiological activity and simply quiet themselves down.'”[5] She also stressed the role of new psycho-spiritual technologies in altering consciousness. But note: meditation and its many related mind-altering activities weren’t an end in themselves. According to Ferguson, they were for the purpose of changing people’s worldviews:

“Just as some psychotechnologies increase the fluctuation of energy through the brain, enabling new patterns or paradigm shifts to occur, bodywork alters the flow of energy through the body, freeing it of its old ‘ideas’ or patterns, increasing its range of movement. Structural integration, the Alexander method, Feldenkrais, Applied Kinesiology, Neurokinesthetics, bioenergetics, Reichian therapy, and hundreds of other systems initiate transformation of the body.”(pp. 255-6) [emphasis added]

This New Age blueprint for health care reform altered the very meaning of the term “health.” In modern American society today the word “health” now connotes the entire “body-mind-spirit” connection. Three decades after Ferguson’s book came out, the evangelical world has comfortably adopted the “body-mind-spirit” worldview of the New Agers.[6] Many eastern mystical “holistic health” ideas were simply re-written into biblical terminology and passed off to evangelicals as higher forms of spirituality. Today, meditation, contemplation, drumming, etc. are becoming commonplace. This is the face of the seeker-sensitive church. By accommodating itself to the eastern worldview, the Church fools itself into thinking it is more “culturally relevant.” So the next step in the seeker-sensitive journey is for the Church to become an “agent” of “cultural renewal.”

Kicking the 3rd Leg into High Gear
Rick Warren has now plunged into a role as Change Agent for health care reform in America. It is significant that he chose some genuine New Age gurus to be his partners.[7] This association provides an indication about how Rick Warren defines “health.” Researcher Jennifer Pekich wrote an account of her personal experience at the Saddleback Health and Fitness Seminar. Her report on Rick Warren‘s new Daniel Plan revealed that the real agenda is not about healthy parishioners. It is about radical community transformation. She writes:

By the time I settled into listening more intently, the second speaker, Mark Hyman, began. It didn’t take too long to figure out what the basis of his message was. We “need to heal with community” (he termed this “accompaniment”), “we’re here for the sake of each other,” this plan “is our way out,” this plan “saved me,” and in fact will “change the world.” Saddleback was being told they were a “test community” to show the world how to live “healthy and sustainably.”

Jennifer continues her report:

I about fell off my chair when Dr. Hyman stated, “The key to the success of the “Daniel Plan” is “group living“…”individuals” will not succeed, our only hope lies in “community.” And with that, it was announced that the “Saddleback community” would be an example of “sustainable living” and would set the course to “change this world“…and the crowd went wild![8]

What is this Daniel Plan? Obviously it doesn’t have anything to do with the biblical Daniel. Rick Warren was well-schooled in Leadership Network’s marketing model which encourages pastors to snap up a biblical-sounding term, apply it on to any new plan or program, and voila! It becomes a marketing logo! Note the emphasis on community in this description:

The Daniel Plan is designed to help people adapt a healthy lifestyle through a comprehensive 52-week journey–not just another short-lived diet. With the inspiration to know and live God’s Prescription for Health, The Daniel Plan supports you with world-class professional Doctors, small-group support, tools, resources and an online community![ ] [emphasis added]

Being part of the community means that you go into the databank. The Daniel Plan is a massive health assessment for all evangelicals gullible enough to turn in personally identifiable health data to a Rick Warren’s massive secretive databank.[9] The Daniel Plan asks users to create their own health profile online that divulges intimate medical information:

In order for us to support and guide in this journey, we need to know more about the history of your health and your current physical state. This profile will also help you track your progress, connect with others working the program, and get your questions answered. [] [emphasis added]

A broad range of health data will be collected on participants. (We guess the participants will yield their right to privacy! They will provide to Dr. Rick information that was previously confidential between them and their personal physicians.) At the Daniel Plan website, the “WEEK 1: Measure Your Way to Success!” explains:

Click “Get Started,” and create your “Health Profile” where you will enter in information about your current condition. The site will save your statistics so you can compare your progress down the road. All the information is private, voluntary, and optional.

To help you get started on this journey, get your height, weight, blood pressure, measurements, and “before” pictures taken on your church campus this weekend. Then, you can add this information to your profile. We also recommend knowing your Body Mass Index (BMI), completing the Medical Symptom/Toxicity Questionnaire (MSQ), and if possible, getting a “full blood panel.

Coming soon…watch an in-depth video explanation from Dr. Mark Hyman regarding “Knowing Your Numbers.” In addition, the doctors will be providing optional quizzes to help gauge your starting point.[][10] [emphasis added]

“Private” is not defined in the above disclaimer about collecting health information. Furthermore, this personal “Health Profile” data is being collected for broadly unspecified purposes. Who are Rick Warren’s partners in this endeavor? With whom will he share this data? Will this Church data be passed along to the State? Turned over to Corporations? (In other words, the other two legs of the 3-legged stool)? Given Warren’s close association with Bill Gates, who is heavily involved in funding health care reform around the world, one can only guess how far-and-wide the Daniel Plan data could be divulged.[11]

Health Police
Let’s just pause for a moment in this report to do a reality check about this new role of the 3rd leg of the stool. First, what is a CHURCH doing in the BUSINESS of assessing HEALTH CARE? Second, what is a CHURCH doing amassing a huge databank of intimate health data on evangelicals? Third, what is a CHURCH doing at the forefront of the health care reform agenda? Fourth, what is a CHURCH doing working with obvious New Age gurus?[12]

Note how cleverly Warren has maneuvered the Church into a position of Agent Provocateur. This fits in with the Dominionist “cultural renewal” model where the Church assumes a key role in managing the transformation of Society, i.e. transforming “culture.” In this case, specifically health care. By assuming this pivotal role the Church is no longer the conscience of Society. It is not functioning as salt and light to a dark world. Rather it is acting as a Change Agent working in collaboration with the State and Corporate Business to facilitate transformation. As Change Agent the Church loses its prophetic voice against injustice. It becomes a collaborator with the State. This is the new “missional” church whose agenda has changed from that of preaching the Gospel and saving lost souls, to that of working on restructuring the health care “domain” (one of the “spheres” or 7 mountains) of Society.[13]

Since “health” is so broadly defined, and since “health” is what is being assessed, hard questions need to be asked about the intended performance “outcomes.” Why is Dr. Hyman running numbers? What definitions will be applied to “effective” or “successful” measures of health improvement? What about those whose health is by nature inevitably physically declining — the elderly, the incurably infirm, those who have a debilitating degenerative disease or irreversible handicap? What about those whose prognosis can only be measured in steady decline? How will they fit in with the “success statistics” that comprise “wellness”? In Peter Drucker’s utopian world only those who possess “human capital” are deemed worthy citizens, and those assessed without it have no safe place in Society.[14] Scary. . .

To put the Church’s role in this 3-legged stool into perspective, consider briefly Michelle Obama’s key role in maneuvering the Corporate and State legs of the stool. A recent New York Times article explained:

“After wrapping her arms around the retail giant Walmart and trying to cajole food makers into producing nutrition labels that are easier to understand, Michelle Obama, an advocate of healthy eating, has set her sights on a new target: the nation’s restaurants.”[15 ]

This article explains how the First Lady has been “seeking partnerships with industry” and meeting with representatives from the “National Restaurant Association… in a bid to get restaurants to adopt her goals of smaller portions and children’s meals that include healthful offerings…. Obama and her team are also quietly pressing the levers of industry and government….”[16] Food police obviously have an interest in what is happening with the health police, and vice versa. This is all about controlling your diet – what you eat! While Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan is busy assessing everyone’s girth and monitoring their caloric intake and weight-loss results, Michelle Obama is racing to overhaul the national diet by actually changing available food choices.[17]

So while Rick Warren activates the Church leg of the stool,[18] other pressures are being brought to bear on the Corporate and State legs to bring all into conformance with global consciousness and standards. And thanks to Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan, we are provided with an obvious clue that these standards will be managed and monitored by the New Age/New Spirituality model of health care reform.

So it might be questioned, should Bible believers, like Daniel of old, choose not to defile themselves by partaking in the Daniel Plan with its obvious New Age and One World overtones and control mechanisms? How much better it would be for Christians to choose to satisfy their spiritual appetite by feeding on Him who is the Bread of Life.

The Truth:
“And Jesus said unto them, ‘I am the Bread of Life: he that cometh to Me shall never hunger’. . .” (John 6:35)

*“Figure 2” at the top of this post is Exhibit A, a graphic representation of what this post is concerned about. It comes from Eric Swanson, To Transform A City: Whole Church, Whole Gospel, Whole City (Zondervan, 2010). Figure 2 comes from the Foreward, p. 11, and it provides a visual chart of the “7 domains of culture,” of which Healthcare is the 7th. The Church in this diagram is seen encompassing the other 6 secular “domains.” The book explains, “The missional church sees itself as the people of God… already deployed across all domains of culture.” This is an incredible visual of the Dominionist church model. Swanson acknowledges Bob Buford of Leadership Network on p. 13. To see Eric Swanson’s new “gospel,” watch the youtube video, which is also posted in the context of an article “What Is Dominionism?” posted at

1. Marilyn Ferguson, The Aquarian Conspiracy: Personal and Social Transformation in the 1980s (JP Tarcher, 1980), p. 241, 257, emphases added.
2. Peter Drucker was Rick Warren’s mentor, a well-known fact divulged in numerous articles in mainstream publications. See Herescope, Nov. 18, 2005, “Peter Drucker’s Mega-Church Legacy,”
3. Constance Cumbey, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow: The New Age Movement and Our Coming Age of Barbarism (Huntington House, 1983), p. 55. This book puts Marilyn Ferguson’s book into context and explains the Aquarian Conspiracy’s Luciferian history and agenda.
4. It is outside the scope of this small blog post to analyze the various holistic health movements that happened over the past 40 years. Some changes in the old medical model were obviously beneficial. But note that the New Agers sought to redefine the term “mind.” See Berit Kjos’s key article “Mysticism & Global Mind Change” for a more thorough discussion on this topic:
5. Ferguson, Ibid, quoting Kenneth Pelletier’s research, p.251.
6. One of the subheadings in Ferguson’s chapter on “Healing Ourselves” is “Health and Transformation.” Transformation and reform are words used interchangeably when she discussed the emergence of the holistic health care model. It is important to note that Ferguson emphasizes the role of “spirit” in healing, but this has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit. This is not unlike psychic healing, which she says “may prove a useful adjunct to medicine in the future.” (p. 276)
7. A quick Google search of Rick Warren’s three doctors, Mehmet Oz, Daniel Amen, and Mark Hyman, illustrates their New Age proclivities. See, for example, Marsha West’s article, “Rick Warren introduces ‘The Devil Plan,” Jan. 24, 2011.
8. Jennifer Pekich, “Saddleback Health & Fitness Seminar – Infomercial for Sustainable Development,” January 20, 2011, [emphases added]. Listen to Jennifer’s interview on Crosstalk radio with host Ingrid Schleuter at
9. See the Herescope post, October 30, 2006, “Rick Warren: Is He Scary?” This article is the most important post we have ever published.
10. Note that there is a totally inadequate legal disclaimer that accompanies this program!
11. See this extremely important article about databanking personally identifiable information: “When Johnny Takes the Test,” Also see the following Herescope posts: “Bill Gates Fund$ Rick Warren,” 1/30/07, and “The Great Outpouring of Wealth, 8/10/10, There are many other Herescope posts over the years that pertain to Rick Warren’s global endeavors, his internationalist ties, and his work to transform society that connect these points. Readers are encouraged to follow the links and read back articles if they are curious about the scope of this topic.
12. This obviously isn’t about physical health or there would be no need to bring in the gurus. This is all about Marilyn Ferguson’s New Age “body-mind-spirit” health. The Daniel Plan is a clever way to desensitize people in the pews to the New Age holistic health care reform model.
13. Eric Swanson, To Transform A City: Whole Church, Whole Gospel, Whole City (Zondervan, 2010), Ibid.
14. For a full discussion of this point, see the monograph, “The Pied Pipers of Purpose, Part 1: Human Capital Systems and Church Performance,”
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17. See “The Pizza Choice Game,” by Sarah Leslie,
and “Food Tactics,” For a scary look at the New World Order component of this health and diet agenda, see Berit Kjos’s excellent compilation of articles about “Global Food [& Land] Control” at
18. See this around the 15 minute mark and for the next few minutes, where Rick Warren says that “national grocery chains” are going to be getting behind the Daniel Plan. Note that the Daniel Plan is also one of the first initiatives for Rick Warren’s Decade of Destiny. See and, and for background information.

posted by Discernment Research Group @ 2/10/2011 12:35:00 PM

I am an ordained minister and I have been called to a ministry that will serve the Pacific Northwest and will eventually plant or restore a church in Northern California.

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10 comments on “The Danger of Rick Warren’s Daniel “Healthcare” Plan
  1. debbie says:

    Danger Danger Danger. I am so happy much of this is coming to LIGHT. I am a Christian by faith and by my life. I do however believe there are a lot of practices in the holistic field that DO benefit our body more than the present Western Medical practices. I once attended Saddleback Church and felt that “strange” under current. I can’t quite explain it. My husband felt it too. We enjoyed the music and most of the messages, yet there was always this “draw” that I can only explain as “feeling” like Group Control. I have friends who still attend and even moved out of town but the draw is so strong, they still drive 40 miles or more each week, often more than once a week to attend Saddleback. And the Daniel Plan? They are HOOKED. Granted, there are some health benefits to changing old habits with the plan, but now that there is some weight loss and an overall good feeling physically, they are even MORE drawn in and hooked…. or OBLIGATED. I am so thankful I was involved with a church who taught me early on to TEST and LISTEN and be CAREFUL. Especially in these final days.

    • Dennis Tolar says:

      Thanks for your comments Debbie. Regarding your comment about “holistic medicine”, I also believe that if we can find a natural alternative to the medical industry’s chemical medicines we should by all means use that provided it truly works. Also, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” However, there are many Christians being led astray because of mystical experiences by their “Christian” holistic providers dabbling with the occult. I believe in traditional chiropratic therapy too, however, many in the chiropratic field are being led away by the reiki massage which teaches to manipulate the “chakras” in the body. Rick Warren’s connection with the UN and the Council on Foreign Relations is equally troubling. I owe a debt of gratitude to so many watchmen on the wall that I can’t even name them all here. Keep being like the Bereans and search the scriptures to see what is being taught is true. May God bless you.


  2. debbie says:

    I KNOW the importance of being STEADFAST. The one thing that does not change are the PROMISES of God. Go ahead, I challenge anyone to put it to the test. God always wins. ALWAYS. I grow so weary of so many CHANGES. “Just because EVERYONE is DOING IT” does not make it OK. I remind some folks of some things….. “they can’t help it, they were born that way” is the favorite excuse I hear, over and over again. I reply, “and if we were living in different times, that gene would never be allowed to survive and reproduce”….. Yep, think about that.

  3. Terence says:

    I a shocked at the comments about Rick Warren and Saddleback Church. There is no draw or “under current” or personal use of information about peoples health statistics other than to show that people in a community, who put God first in making a life change, can draw strengh from God to make it thorugh. The information is going to be put into a study. The study will help promote God, Health and draw attention to how our medical system is hyper specialized and how our society treats nutrition like cigarettes of the 50″s. How do big corporations in the food industry make money? By teaching us to eat crap that seriously effects our bodies ability to function the way god intended it to. Our body is our temple for the Holy Spriti isn’t it? Then why are we addicted to the foods and bad nutrition habbits that treat the temple so poorly? What is wrong with a medical study and outcome that shows that anything is possible with God? What is wrong with a Church Leader who is drawing in non beleivers to know what is possible with God? Rick is all about changing lives with Jesus. This blog is more like a crab in the bucket trying to pull anthing positive back down to the bottom rather than build up God and someone trying to make a difference (in these end times). Take a look in the mirror, pray and ask God what you can do to make a difference in your church and community or the world.

    • Dennis Tolar says:

      I believe that the writer of this article has documented all of their citations very well, therefore, you are free and welcome to research the claims for yourself. We need to be like the Bereans who “were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily [to find out] whether these things were so.” (Acts 17:11) Rick Warren is promoting three doctors who are into New Age mysticism and should be exposed for leading the church away from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Warren B. Smith used to be in the New Age movement and has written an excellent book that exposes how Rick Warren knows he is promoting a New Age agenda that is hidden in Christian termonology. His book is “Decieved On Purpose: The New Age Implications of the Purpose-Driven Church.” Warren Smith was miraculously saved from following demonic spirit guides within the New Age Movement and was shocked several years later by seeing some of the same false teaching he was saved out of making its way into mainline denominational churches. There are many other resources online which expose Rick Warren’s false teaching and how he promotes many ideas which are against the teachings of Jesus Christ.

  4. lynne kirkup says:

    I listened intently to you on SBN, Frances & Friends. Your information is exact and factual. The destruction of our beautiful free land is coming from all areas now, under the guise of ‘politically correct’. It’s very much like the old addage that “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for ANYTHING.”

    Thankyou for your continued work. I also was a super-hippie, however, was kept away from getting caught-up in the movement. It is very seductive because it pleases the ego and our flesh, while claiming to be spiritual. Again, thank-you for your work in these last times of such counterfeit dealings.

    • Dennis Tolar says:

      I do not want to take credit for other’s work. I appreciate your love for God’s truth but I must say that it was not me on Francis and Friends, although I listen to her program almost daily. The gentleman you heard was Warren B. Smith and I first heard him give his testimony on Sister Frances’ program.

      Please pray for the doors to open for me minister more in this area as well. I began studying the New Age in 1987 and see it so much in the world and now in the church. I will say that the Lord opened a door for me to minister in our church with a four part series regarding false doctrine in the church. Please pray that more doors will open not only at my church but also here on the internet and possibly other churches as well. May God bless you.


  5. debbie says:

    me too! I too heard Warren Smith on Frances and Friends. I also read the comment from the writer about shaming us because afterall Rick Warren is doing all this for JESUS. Anyway I believe Warren believes he is. I don’t know….. I just don’t know.

    • Dennis Tolar says:

      Matthew 7:22-23 22Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

      When someone promotes people and ideas which are diametrically opposed to the Word of God then they are not doing it for Jesus, no matter how large their following or level of influence. Our standard to compare teaching to is the Bible and no matter how much shame someone tries to heap upon someone else, the teaching in question must line up with God’s word. Paul wrote the church at Corinth that if anyone came to them with another gospel, another Jesus or another Spirit that they should not receive them. He even went so far as to say that if he returned himself or an angel appeared to them with anything other than the original gospel they had received then they should reject it and hold onto their first love, Jesus.

  6. debbie says:

    I don’t know…. I don’t know…. By that I didn’t mean that I wasn’t sure if what Mr Warren was doing was right or wrong. What I was trying to express was….. MAN, I just don’t KNOW…. How can so many just FOLLOW ALONG and believe it is all OK? THAT is what I was trying to say. I know now with this whole diet thing it is even WORSE because not only are these folks getting realed in like big fish on the end of a well baited fishing line, they are seeing success and feeling better and further LEANING in the direction to seek MORE of that which they believe has guided them to their success. The success has always been attainable. The good eating habits and natural approach to health has always been there too. People I find are LAZY… If they can’t have a pill to fix everything for them they want someone else to do it all FOR THEM. Introducing the “Daniel Plan” is a way for them to NOT have to do it for themselves. Consequently, they fall under the spell. The globalized PEACE PLAN is another of Rick Warren’s tools. I will say I attended Saddleback Church for some time. There are more than a handful of true believers in that church. The approach they are taking is very good about teaching members and attendees about the dangers of the garbage in our food that we put in our bodies each day. It is the NEW AGE element which has been introduced along with it that makes it feel very wrong. The education and concept is very good. Who does not agree with that?

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