I am an ordained minister and I have been called to a ministry that will serve the Pacific Northwest and will eventually plant or restore a church in Northern California.

I was called into the ministry in 1987 after God had been dealing with my heart for some time.  I had been standing on the promises of James 1:5 and John 14:26, referring to asking for wisdom and the Holy Spirit teaching us all things, and the Lord began enlightening me in the scriptures.  As I was thanking Him for His wisdom one day, He responded, “to whom much is given, much is required” and I knew in my spirit he was referring to a preaching ministry although it scared me to death because I could not speak to a crowd at the time.  Even though it scared me I felt blessed because from the time I was a small child I considered the call to the ministry to be the highest call anyone could receive.

After I acquiesced to the call, one day at work I cried out to God, “how much longer Lord”, referring to the current job that I had at the time because I felt I should have already begun preaching.  The Lord said, “You … will have a ministry in California.”  Before I felt Him calling me into ministry, I had already been praying and interceding for Northern CA because of family members who live there.   At the same time,  God had me researching the New Age movement not knowing that Mt. Shasta, CA, one of my favorite places in the whole world, was considered a New Age “holy place.”

After many setbacks and not being able to find anyone to guide me on how to get started for so many years, we moved to TN where our local Church of God paid for us to go through their Ministerial Internship Program to prepare for ministry.  Since that time I have had several opportunities to fill in when my pastor was gone and to teach some adult Sunday School classes, however the opportunities have still been few and far between.  I have been asked to preach and/or sing at six other churches since receiving my credentials as well.

I listen to a Christian radio talk show and for the past year or so, almost  every time someone from CA calls, they ask, “Do you know of a church in CA which is preaching the message of the cross” or, “Have you ever thought of sending someone out here to plant a church which will preach the message of the cross.”  It makes me weep every time and I tell God, “Here am I, send me”, but so far the door has not opened even though I feel His Spirit turning up the heat in my heart to go.  Although I feel a call to plant or restore a church, I also feel the call to do the work of an evangelist and preach true revivals, not the hype on most TV “ministries”.

Please pray that God will send this laborer into the harvest field to fulfill the call on my life.  Thank you. †

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December 2022
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